ALFONSO RODARTE: Thieving Transporter!

The only moves he makes are taking money from people’s wallets, then giving excuses for not moving!

What do you call a guy who promises, in writing, to move a double-wide mobile home, then takes a $15,000 deposit and ghosts you? I can think of only one word, in my opinion:  A thief!

UPDATE: We heard from yet another victim of these scum bags! Fortunately the woman, Natasha, only paid him $750 up front for NOTHING! So, while it is not as big of a ripoff than past victims, it IS A RIPOFF!

UPDATE: Crystal Rodarte called my radio show to say they are not ghosting their customer and she said Alfonso has been in constant contact with Terry’s husband, Troy. However, Terry disputes that saying they have not heard a word from them since signing the contract!

Crystal also admits Sherry and Troy paid $15,000 up front. She also emphasizes that they still plan on fulfilling the contract and moving the trailer. Why the delay?

Crystal said they have been hampered by weather and road construction.

I asked why don’t they return the money until they get closer to the actual move. She hesitated and said they’re working on returning the money if they can’t ultimately do the move.

It is “interesting” that she said they are “working on getting the money back” … because that money should have been held in trust for that customer’s job under the Colorado Contractor’s Trust Act! Was she admitting to breaking that law and spending the money?


Terry needed a double-wide mobile home moved from Weld County to her private lot in southwest Colorado. She regrets the day she found “We Do It All Construction” in Cortez, Colorado. She regrets it because the only thing she had moved was $15,000 out of her bank account.

She was told to wire the money to the bank account of a company called “Crystal Transport” out of Montezuma county. Both companies are run by Alfonso and Chrystal Rodarte.

After she paid, they wonderful Rodarte married couple ghosted her!

BEWARE! Avoid these companies and the “Rodarte duo”. Here is the most recent info phones have listed for them:

Alfonso Rodarte – 505.592.3833 (now disconnected)

Crystal Rodarte – 307.575.8779 (now disconnected)

& 307.575.4818 (still working)