Steve and Wendy Dunn most their life savings to contractor-scumbag, Luke Smith of Legion Construction. Make sure you’re not his next victim.

Victim Steve Dunn is a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He made the mistake of trusting contractor Lucas Smith back in August of 2020 when he paid him $37,800 – his entire life’s savings. You read the whole story HERE as told by KOAA-TV in Pueblo.

Basically Scumbag Lucas tore their house apart, excavated dirt – leaving giant piles – did a little construction, then disappeared.

Under the Contractor’s Trust Act in Colorado, a contractor is required to keep all money paid up front by a consumer in trust for that consumer’s job. They are not to co-mingle the funds or spend the money on anything else – except for that job! Despite clear evidence that much of the money paid to Lucas Smith was “unearned”, the do-nothing lazy good-for-nothing District Attorney in Pueblo County did NOTHING to help. The Dunn family also complained to the Pueblo Sheriff’s Depart and the Colorado Attorney General and GOT NO HELP!

You could say … Lucas Smith got away with thievery … and from a disabled veteran to boot! Please make sure you NEVER use this asshole and tell everyone you know to avoid him!