UPDATE: She now faces 7-felonies October 18, in Division 6, El Paso County Court. Victims are upset because the District Attorney’s office seems to be taking this lightly!

Erica Jayne Johnson is a thief. After taking lots of money from people she disappeared. The money she took were deposits for contracting work she was supposed to do. Consumer victims paid her company, “Jayne of All Trades” in Colorado Springs, for home improvements that were never done!

Funny thing about Erica is that she started her company in 2010, and it wasn’t until the pandemic that is seems she just went bad. Why? I do not know and neither do any of her customers!

She is a singe mom of two, and is a Colorado native. She started remodeling homes with her dad, then later moved to Dallas, Texas. She returned too Colorado Springs and started her own company.

Until we figure out what is going on, stay away from this woman and her company – that is, if you can even find her. We’ve had multiple complaints where she has taken large deposits, from $10K to $20K, and POOF! She’s gone.