JIFFY LUBES (Owned by Griffen Oil Company) SUCK!

This one is a bit hard to believe. Colorado Springs Jiffy Lube (one of many owned by Griffen Oil Company) put the wrong fluid in a customer’s differential. That led to a failure of both the differential and the transmission in just 24 miles.  Jiffy Lube refused to take responsibility and would not help the customer until we got involved and took the company to court.

Staff Sergeant Boris, trusted his car to Jiffy Lube and he sued them for faulty repairs!

To make matters worse, the customer was an active member the military and he couldn’t afford the repairs. Besides, his car only had around 30,000 miles on it and was still under warranty. A local Subaru dealership made the diagnosis of the wrong fluid.

Jiffy Lube contended that they did not put in the wrong fluid and claimed they did not even stock the fluid that was found in his differential.  We found that interesting because they never even tested the fluid.

We helped Sergeant Boris file a law suit against franchisee Griffin Oil Company.  We also got the fluid analyzed by a special lab and we got one of our transmission experts to testify.

On our day in court, Boris was armed and ready for battle!  Griffin Oil showed up with a representative and an attorney ready to settle.  By the time the whole thing was over, Boris got $5,000 — More than enough to do the repairs, plus make up for the loss-of-factory warranty on those components.

It is disgusting that Griffin Oil Company made a customer go this far just to get help they should’ve given him from the start!  THEY SUCK.

CONSUMER WARNING!   I do not recommend Jiffy Lube stores owned and operated by Griffin Oil Company.  In my opinion they have shown that they do not care about their customers.