Can you imagine spending $70,000 on a roof and having it leak due to improper installation? That’s what Diana says happened to her after dealing with the clowns at Hoffman Weber Construction!

After a hail storm in 2020, Diana called Hoffman Weber Construction to replace her damaged roof. Now she regrets ever calling them and especially paying them $70,000!

The roof started leaking and she immediately called Hoffman Weber to come back under warranty to make things right.

Hoffman Weber made a feeble attempt to fix some leaks but the roof continued to leak. Why? That’s what Diana wanted to know so she called the roofing supplier. According to Diana, the supplier told her the roof is faulty because Hoffman Weber installed it improperly. She said the supplier explained that roofers used the wrong screws that were too long.

Hoffman Weber denies they did anything wrong and somehow blamed the insurance company. Why we have no idea since they refuse to talk to the Troubleshooter Network.

Diana says she also called another roofer to verify the supplier’s findings. Sure enough, he said, they agreed that the roof was done improperly.

So now the homeowner is stuck with a bad roof after spending $70,000!

Coincidentally, last year we had a similar complaint about Hoffman Weber. Greg called to say he paid $7,000 up front on a roof that was botched so badly he canceled the deal and refused to pay the balance! Of course, in this case Hoffman-Weber Construction also refused to make it right. They are now suing him!

My recommendation is that you avoid this company. This case, in my opinion, seems to indicate that you can’t depend on them to stand behind their work.

Hoffman Weber’s main number is  (720) 399-6806. 

In my opinion, companies truly treasure public feedback. That’s why they pursue reviews.