Katie hired DJ Arron James (AKA, “The DJ Syndicate”) back in December for her wedding scheduled for June 13th.

She said Arron James never showed. According to Katie, Arron James felt “uncomfortable” due to the Covid-19 virus.  But what he told her next baffled her! DJ James said, no money back! When we called him for a comment he said, “It’s a legal issue.” Bullshit. In my opinion, it’s a moral issue his own contract says the following:

“This agreement for The DJ Syndicate entertainers to perform shall be excused by accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, Force Majeure or any other legitimate condition beyond our control.

“If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by DJS to find comparable replacement entertainment at the agreed upon fees.

“Should we be unable to procure a replacement, Purchaser shall receive a full refund of all fees paid to DJS.

So, will he honor his own contract?  NO!

Aaron James is now claiming Katie canceled the event but she said that is ridiculous. The Event Center, where the wedding where to be held, agrees with Katie. They said they tried to contact James before the event to get a copy of his insurance certificate and he ghosted them! It seems DJ Aaron James is full of crap.

The DJ Syndicate and Aaron James uses this phone number, 512.900.0435, to advertise his services. I strongly advise that if you see this number or come across his name or company, AVOID IT!